Ohio State Football Uniform Concepts

Being a graphic designer with a huge interest in sports uniform design, I've always loved dreaming up what the Buckeyes could do with their uniforms. It's been fun watching what they've have done with their uniforms over the years. The traditional stripes and buckeye leaves have stood the test of time. I'm not sure that their is another football program whose helmet stripe is as recognizable and is such a large part of their brand. In this concept, I wanted to highlight those two key elements, the iconic stripe and buckeye leaves. The helmet features the leaves painted on, instead of the traditional stickers. On the other side, a large buckeye leaf makes a bold statement. The leaves make another appearance on the shoulder pads, but the stripe makes the statement on the jersey. The neck color features the helmet stripe, as does the leaves. Instead of the shoulder stripes going horizontal, I thought why not go vertical to keep the trend going. Why black? Why not black! Go Bucks!

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